Here at C.D.S., we work diligently to be the most innovative firm in the industry by constantly updating and improving the technology being utilized in our operation. It all starts with our "archive" web site (accessible only to our current customers and invited guests), which features the following:

  • Comprehensive information of our activities on your dock
  • Capability of sorting and segregating information to customer's preference (by date, vendor name, carrier name, PO #, vendor number, etc.), and to convert all information to Excel with just a click
  • Customized Reports (examples: late loads, damaged products, pallet restack, etc.) catering to specific request(s) from customers
  • Customer's direct access to view all tickets, invoices, and reports submitted to the customer
  • Capability to download customer's receiving schedule on our system to minimize human clerical errors
  • Uploaded pictures on each ticket in case of issues with damage
  • Clearly identifiable tickets using customized features

Plus, so many other features that we don't want our competitors to find out about..., please contact us for more information.

We use the very latest in technology with a strong emphasis on every tool being user-friendly. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not use small hand-held devices. Through our experience, we found such small devices to be a restricting factor for our clerks and supervisors during the process of entering detailed data in the field. Instead, we currently use customized netbooks with swivel screens and/or laptops, paired Bluetooth printers for mobility, depending on the physical layout of our work area on the dock.

This is an area where we're not shy about being trendsetters. We're constantly updating and making improvements to our system, with (once again) a strong emphasis on everything being user-friendly.