Certified Freight Handling (Unloading) Service

We continue to strive to be the undisputed leader in our industry as far as quality is concerned. Our dedication to focus on every detail of receiving operation yields proven results in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Our responsive on-site management staff ensures the optimum level of communication with our customers at all times. With safety being one of our top priorities, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we provide a safe working environment for everyone on the dock.

    Our services feature:

  • Dedicated on-site manager(s) with experience at all times, ensuring our ability to respond to any situation in a timely manner, while providing accountability for all of our activities on the dock.
  • Customized, detailed on-line reporting system, utilizing the latest technology available with frequent upgrades and improvements
  • Availability of real-time reporting with our web-based function using the most modern equipment available
  • Complete background checks, E-Verify, and pre-employment drug screens for all new associates
  • Industry leading program in dealing with damage management, documentation, and reporting process, designed specifically to minimize the complications with damage claims, with proven results
  • Fundamental knowledge and compliance with regulations and requirements of O.S.H.A., including daily routine practice of preventative caution and preferred work methods
  • Site-specific equipment certification by certified trainers in our staff
  • Voluntary safety audits and training sessions customized in accordance with communication with each customer
  • A customized, comprehensive training program for our on-site manager(s) to ensure focus on every small detail, such as the dock being clean during and after the unloading process, all doors being closed upon completion of a load, etc.