General Warehouse Labor based on Productivity-Based Pricing Module

This is another niche service we provide for our customers that normally utilize temporary agency labor for one reason or another. Upon conducting and completing our evaluation analysis, we provide our customers with a productivity-based pricing program, as opposed to the traditional hourly rate plus markup offered by temporary labor agencies.

    The services we offer include:

  • Order Selection
  • Product Receiving
  • Product Replenishment
  • Product Loading
  • Freight Running
  • Product Put-Away
  • Product Recoup
  • Product Re-Boxing / Re-Labeling
    Our productivity-based pricing program, which in most cases offer, "per case pricing", eliminates the following:

  • Cost of training a new employee from a temporary agency
  • Cost of managing attendance and productivity of temporary employees
  • Cost of evaluating the temporary employees for performance
  • Inconsistencies in productivity and performance depending on the employee
  • Cost of employing temporary associates with poor productivity
  • Starting all over again with a new employee in case of turnover
  • Potential obligation to hire a temporary associate as a full-time employee
You enjoy the benefits of having a reliable service without having to worry about paying for any inconsistencies or lack of productivity. You also don't have to worry about managing the temporary employees to ensure productivity as this will be our responsibility. Our program eliminates the "gamble" factor depending on the luck (or lack thereof) a company experiences in hiring temporary associates.

We are very selective about the customers for which we offer this service, as labor relations at every facility may vary. For example, facilities with unionized labor may not be able to facilitate some of our services, depending on current circumstance with their union.