• Operations

  • Here at Comprehensive Distribution Services, Inc., we pride ourselves in being the best operator in the business. Our approach at management is definitely hands-on, with active participation and involvement from our top executive staff to take care of all of our customers' needs in a comprehensive manner, regardless the size of the customer.

    We utilize our innovative business designs and models to ultimately save operation costs for our valued customers through our productivity-based incentive pay module, which we customize for each customer by focusing the customer's specific needs and goals.

    Improving productivity through innovative changes in the process in which the same repetitive duties are performed is our area of expertise and we have an excellent track record to show for it. We may not be the biggest company out there, but we do not shy away from being a trendsetter in each facet of our operation and developing the technology behind to support it. We are a confident group when it comes to operations.

  • Pricing

  • As a company operating with an optimum level of efficiency yielded by the latest in technology, we're able to offer aggressive pricing to provide excellent financial benefits for our valued customers. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not believe in the concept of employing a large executive staff comprised of former executive members of customers (or potential customers). More importantly, we do not believe in absorbing the heavy payroll associated with employing former executive members of potential customers as we believe firmly in earning our business in the old-fashioned, honest way... by working hard and producing results.

    This concept enables us to stay competitive in our prices and revenue sharing plans, as we offer one of the most aggressive pricing plans in the industry.
    In addition, we're also in a better position to recruit skilled employees with experience as we're able to offer wages that average higher than industry standards offered by our competitors, many of whom are restricted by the heavy concentration of payroll dedicated to the top management level.

  • Revenue Sharing Program (Rebate Program)

  • As mentioned above, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer aggressive pricing and revenue share (rebate) program with our customers for our freight unloading service. Our industry has evolved to a point where service providers like us have to take on a role beyond just a "lumping service" and become a revenue generating partner for distribution operations.

    We have one of the strongest revenue sharing programs in the industry for our customers. We believe that's how we should earn the status of a true partner. In addition, we have the latest information on ways that a DC can generate revenue through changes in policies and procedures. Our customers have been the beneficiaries of our program and the knowledge to implement such changes to maximize the revenue generated for the DC.

  • Setting New Goals and Standards

  • Our technically advanced reporting system unparalleled by any other competitor in the industry provides our customers the option to review, evaluate, and analyze data in just about any way of the customer's preference. Every single activity is captured in great detail and our customers can choose, sort, segregate, and record information in every way imaginable through the countless user-friendly options on our web site, which includes direct and immediate conversion to Excel format. If for some reason a customer needs a specific set of information segmented to specific details beyond the capabilities of our normal functions and options, we can accommodate by customizing a report section just for that purpose.

    By being able to compare data to any other period, industry standards, or any other possible metrics, our customers have the luxury of utilizing it to make plans or set standards and/or goals.

  • Our People

  • We truly believe that our most important asset as a service provider is our people... more importantly, the QUALITY of our associates. We take great measures to recruit the best available personnel for every job site by conducting detailed face-to-face interviews with every qualified applicant, in addition to the standard background checks, E-verify, and personal reference verification.

    Operating as one of the most efficient companies in the industry with significantly lighter concentration of payroll for the executive staff in comparison to common industry practices has been a key factor for us in being able to offer top wages in the industry for our employees. This is one of the key reasons why we have the luxury of having a waiting list of applicants at all times, which helps us in being careful and selective when we recruit new employees.

    Our experience has taught us that competent employees always lead the way to a productive operation. Our industry isn't exactly rocket science and hiring skilled and motivated people makes simple common sense. With our extensive knowledge of the complex labor laws, we are confident that we have the best productivity-based pay module in the industry, as most of our competitors have turned to paying by the hour to their associates due to complex compliance issues.

    We believe that the best value we can offer as a service provider is the QUALITY of our team members, and we strive to be the very best in this area.